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Two-day workshop planned for April 2023 in Nijmegen. Storytelling using The Garden as a tool.

The Garden is an interactive platform that allows students to explore narratives in all media forms. This exploration of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals aims to start a positive dialogue about them. Students are encouraged to think about the role their own narrative can play in change.

I love reading – I know many teenagers love it less so. But I can’t help myself: I want youngsters to commit to books, learn to appreciate them (no you don’t have to love them, but you don’t need to hate them either), and doodle their way into understanding. I work with clear templates and probing questions that invite you to form a personal connection. I model literary analysis with examples from ‘banned’ books. And I offer pupils a chance for personal feedback.

What’s in it for you?
You? You get out your pencil and doodle your thoughts down. Trust me: anyone can doodle – you’ll be chuffed with your collection of colourful notes. If you commit and do the work (yeah – no such thing as a free ride unfortunately) you will at least have a good grasp of your book, and hopefully an opinion that you can back up. Reading is all about storytelling: rappers do it, singer songwriters do it, film makers do it, you do it – all the time. Storytelling connects. It can make the world better. So get your pencil out and start doodling.


Book-a-doodle hopes to engage school pupils to read fiction. But, if you are member of a book group/circle, the templates may be the basis for fruitful discussions. And if you are a writer, the templates may even be a jumping off point for your next bestseller. More info to follow.

To be launched in 2023 …

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