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great to see you here

This site is an overview of my English language projects. Writing, reading, telling stories – they are my passion. So I organise events and projects that celebrate English in all of it forms.

Let’s take the bamboozle out of language, and tackle the flapdoodle of reading books.

There are more ways to skin a cat, and definitely more roads that lead to Rome. I believe that learning a language is more than completing grammar exercises and learning a whole heap of words. So I create projects that celebrate (the English) language and that are fun too: creative writing workshops (at schools), storytelling sessions (at schools too), reading group/circles events. Have you got an idea? Try me – I will make it happen for you!

current projects I am working on

The Garden is an interactive platform that allows students to explore narratives in all media forms. This exploration of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals aims to start a positive dialogue about them. Students are encouraged to think about the role their own narrative can play in change.

A collaboration with Connor McMullen. Coming very soon.

creative writing competition

This writing competition is about using your imagination, your English and other subjects at school. Be inspired by anything you learn at school – and use one of your eureka moments as the seed for a creative story.

a doodling approach to reading (for fun)

Reading books can be fun. Yes, it will take time – there is no two ways around it – but using my templates and your doodling, and guiding questions to ease you along, you can get to grips with any book and enjoy it at the same time.

He slipped her the inkwell. “This one’s full of forbidden, outlawed words,” he whispered. “Make sure you clean your pen when you’re done.”

T.R. Darling

I am an unapologetic linguaphile. I studied English Language and Literature at Amsterdam University, and Library & Information Studies at Robert Gordon’s. I taught English for over 20 years (UK, NL)

For all the flibbertigibbets out there who need to speak to me directly, here’s how to get to me